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Baby bath seat, The easy way to bath your baby


A baby bathtub seat is primarily a kind of bath or bath seat. These are fastened to the bottom of the bathtub with the help of strong suction cups, so that a firm hold is given. Depending on the age, the babies are placed in the baby bath seat or already placed in it.

As a rule, the baby bath seat is made of high quality plastic. In addition, a toy is integrated with which the little ones can deal during bathing. After bathing, the baby bath seat can be easily cleaned of shampoo and bath solutions, without the need for much effort.

Giving your newborn or toddler a bath should not be a stressful experience. To make bath time more fun and less daunting for both you and the baby, invest in a baby bath seat. Designed to support the baby’s head and back, bath seats leave your hands free to bathe your little one. They also help prevent any risks or accidents.

Every Parent struggles bathing their kids most especially when they start to get fussy and hate bath times. When your baby begins to sit up, bath time takes on a whole new dimension. Comfortably installed in this bath seat, your baby takes this privileged moment as a moment of pleasure. They play, look around and just have fun.

From 6 months, your baby will start to stand up on his own. They will appreciate the bath seat allowing them to be maintained while being comfortable in the water.

When it comes to toilet time, the bath seat can be an essential accessory to keep your baby sitting in the bathtub and to wash and massage him quietly, in complete safety.

Because we believe parents who have been there before know best, most of our recommendations come from our customers directly.


What to look for in a baby bathtub

Always make sure to look for bath seats that are safe, solid and sturdy and very unlikely to tip over. It’s best not to leave your babies unattended when bathing. Accidents can happen in a matter or second.

The more comfortable and safe your babies are in the bath seat, the more they will enjoy playing in the water and enjoy bath time.

What is the Bath seat for?

The bath seat is a tool that will help you bathe your babies. This accessory keeps your child seated in the bath or shower in a stable and secure manner. Another utility: it allows your baby to get out of the bath safely.

Most of all, this bath seat will allow you to have more special memories with your baby. If it is properly installed, you can wash your kids, play with them in it. This also has the effect of soothing and securing them.

At what age should I use a Bath Seat?

The baby bath seat can be used when your baby knows how to sit and sits well on his own. Usually, this occurs around the age of 6-7 months.

Are you looking for a Bath seat for your child? 

Here’s some helpful things to take into consideration to make the right choget the right one for you. And don't forget, that in any case, even with a bath seat, you have to stay next to it.


Choose a Bath Seat with fastening systems ensuring great stability. 

So that your baby does not slip, the bath seat must be stable. If it fits both in the tub and in the shower, this seat must have secure fasteners. Depending on the model, suction cups or valves stabilize this bath support at the bottom of the water.

Bet on a sturdy Bath Seat 

It goes without saying that between the movements of your baby and the baths which multiply, this seat must be solid. If you can, choose bath seats from a recognized brand. Safety standards and measures are a real guarantee of confidence.

An ergonomic bath seat. 

Most young parents are afraid of dropping their child when bathing. It is therefore preferable that the bath seat is well designed to put your baby easily. Even with wet hands, you should be able to remove it quickly to dry it. Some models have a removable or rotating hoop and others have a well-designed backrest for baby's comfort.

An easy to clean swim ring. 

Constantly bathing in water, the bath seat must be easy to clean to allow you to remove mold, as soon as it appears.

A bath seat with toys. 

To make the bath even more fun and fun, some bath seats offer built-in games. If nothing prevents you from adding more, babies often have the possibility of playing directly with built-in toys, encouraging manipulation and awakening of the little ones.

At the end of the day, the design is not the main point. It’s the safety of your babies and the Parents ease of mind when bathing their babies. It must be understood inside the first place that tiny toddlers shouldn't be left alone though bathing. Regardless of when you use any or not. Just in case you need to use this system, be certain which little one can easily be reached through the adult who appears to be like immediately after it. Tend not to stroll out of the bathroom although your little one is there.

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