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Baby Led Weaning

As the mother of two little boys who are just starting out in the fourth quarter and embarking on a relaxed and solid adventure, I am no stranger to parent communities on social networks. This means that I have to face the thesis - and even bullying - that breastfeeding and direct weaning (BLW) is the gold standard of a child's diet. If you deviate from these two options, you will be guilty of disappointing your child in some way.

Let's be clear: there is no "right" way to feed a baby. For black mothers and Native American mothers, discontinued breastfeeding is a cultivation of a cultural practice. The movement to increase breastfeeding rates among black and Native American children is a movement aimed at disproportionately reversing the high death rate suffered by black Native American children. But that mother’s guilt can hit hard if your feeding plans differ.

The “best breastfeeding” mantra on all social media is like a dagger in the heart of this hormonal mom who has not worked her breastfeeding journey for a long time. While I have escaped much of the same pressure to start solids with my first child, parents, and especially moms, are becoming more playful about child - led overtaking, where the child is in charge. Finger safe foods are the best way to go

The Baby-Led Weaning Pressure is Real

Fortunately, I saw an Instagram post about this one from Kids Eat In Color, a resource for parents to help children eat better “without fighting for food” at the right time. According to Jennifer Anderson, founder and CEO of Kids Eat In Color, a dietitian and mother of two, parents share in their community "how they feel chased when they hear that their child is failing." And while moms still feel that breastfeeding is “better,” there’s a new harmful message on the block: the baby has been weaned the “right” way to feed your baby solids.

"On social media, child-led weaning pressure, if you want to do the best for your child, is growing every day," says Anderson. "I listen to parents talk about how they meet when they realize that their child is no better or that their family is no better. From a community led by children."

Anderson hit the mark with his Instagram post: BLW is really the “breast is the best”. And the comments on the post reaffirmed the attitude I share - that parents can be considered relentless and needless to add to the guilt that many of us already feel for one reason or another.

These black or white “rules” only make it difficult for the first year of parenting. In fact, raising children is one big gray area. Every parent is different and every child is different, and what suits someone may not be right.

Baby-Led Weaning vs. Purées

Don't get me wrong - there are benefits to child - led weaning. From helping small children eat less picky eaters to easier work, feeding your baby is a great option.

"Thanks to BLW, babies have control over what they put in their mouth," says Jenna Helwig, author of Baby Led Feeding. "It puts pressure on them, which will help them become safer eaters. [Plus,] with BLW, you can participate in family meals earlier. Parents can adjust family meals a bit (omit salt, add extra sugar, and make sure the food is soft and finely chopped) and the child can go to the table with everyone else. One meal for all means less work for mom or dad. "

But despite all the benefits of BLW, not choosing this path is not a bad choice. In fact, parents were given purees for much longer, and be careful about spoilers, those of us who were given food this way - and yes, those of us who ate baby food straight from the cup - were perfectly fine also. No. Um, I can chew along with this new generation of BLW!

"We have been feeding the puree for generations, and if there was a right way, we would see millions of children around the world with eating problems because the puree was fed," says Mona Amin, DO, pediatrician, mom and creator of The New Mam's. Survival Guide. , a digital e-course and an online community to help you get through your first year of maternity. "It's about how we find ourselves eating and eating. A big eater can be made whether you're making puree or BLW. It's about reading and reading tips and hunger."

The biggest obstacle to child-led weaning and a fundamental element of successful child feeding? You will know the difference between vomiting and vomiting. “I want to remind parents that if you prepare food properly (think of the food strips that can be pushed between your fingers), the risk of asthma is very small,” says Dr. Time in. "Cheating is very normal, but not choking. So knowing the difference can help."

The Bottom Line

"For parents who believe that BLW is the only way to feed a child, I would say that I am a fan of this method, but every family is different and I believe that mom and dad will make the right decisions on their own." children, "says Helwig." There are many reasons to practice BLW and many reasons to be on your toes. Live and let live! "

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