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Secrets No One Tells First Time Mothers

Hi moms, are you pregnant or have you just had a baby? Be one, congratulations! At this time, you will most likely receive all the information you can get about being a mother. Mom first, to be exact. Are you thinking about your first mother's advice that no one will tell you? So you are in the right place.

Doesn't everyone just talk about how amazing motherhood is, how easy it is to get into it and that they are nothing but peaches and roses? Yup! My family also "lied" to me, ah! But somehow they forgot to tell me really cruel things about being a mother. The advice you want to hear will always be given. But what about the ones you don't want to hear?

It might be negative, but here are a few things you should be aware of. Here are some things you need to know to better understand what will help you become a better mother and person. How can you survive your first year of motherhood? I'm here to give you advice in real time you need!

For the first time, my mom likes that nobody tells you

Don't listen to all advice

I've found that when you're a new mom, you feel like you need to nurture all the advice you get. Even strangers! Every girl, not every advice is good advice. You will have 

to be the judge of what advice do you take and throw in the trash. I know most people come out of nowhere with a good heart when they give advice. But it's up to you to hear one. Also, do not be stressed and do not be overwhelmed by all the tricks and tricks that people share with you. You will learn as you go.

Do not try to please everyone

It's hard to try to please everyone, especially when it comes to parenting or caring for your newborn. So don’t please everyone and anyone. Now that you are a mom, you know what to do with your baby and you are done. If you do not agree with your parents' advice or how to do this or that. Don't do it.

You may offend some people, but the truth is that you will never agree 100% with everyone's lifestyle forever. So get involved and have fun as a new mom.

Not everyone will agree with your eating style

Listen mom, not everyone agrees on how to raise a baby. What clothes is your baby wearing, if you are breastfeeding or not, if you sleep together or not? So I can go on and on. The point is, you don't have to welcome these people.

You will learn as you go

Everything you have read, seen or heard about being a mother helps you prepare for motherhood. But when you become a mom and hug your newborn, you play a little game! You have to learn on the go, you make mistakes, you cry, you feel like you don't know what to do. But every day you learn what works for you and your baby. The best teacher learns instantly. Experience is your best teacher. The best teacher is to make mistakes.

It’s hard to be a cold mum

It’s hard to be a fresh mom, no doubt about it. Think about it, you will leave your “single” life behind and start in this wonderful world called motherhood. Changes can be challenging for many, especially new moms. Know that it will improve every day and that you will find the texture of things over time.

Did someone say you were crying? Yes, that's one of the things nobody wants to know about. He is not happy. But it is a reality. I mean, I called a couple of times with the first baby and then with the twins. Life seemed so difficult to me and I needed a break, I had to breathe and so many things that mothers experience and feel.

It doesn't matter if you called your mother. If you feel you need time for yourself. It's okay if you feel like a failure. Because the tears are real, something means. Although being a mother is difficult, it can be tolerated.

Keep your mind open

Being open-minded is what will help you become a better mother. If you can't breastfeed, open your mind to the bottle. If your baby still can't sleep through the night, open your mind for help. The point is not to be guilty because you can not do what you imagined you were doing as a mother. But how to deal with these obstacles. You have this mom!

Take it day after day

Your family is your support and your rock

Your partner should be your biggest supporter and your arm to follow. You both do it together, even though you seem to be doing a lot more. You're probably telling the truth. But it's your family and you two have created this beautiful angel who is like your son.

If you have a family, being a new mom is all you need. Also, don't be afraid to ask your spouse / partner / friend for help. You both do it together. Follow each other!

I hope you enjoyed this advice and wish you every success. It's a bumpy but wonderful journey with you. Have fun

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